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Tips to Instantly Rock the Jumpsuit Trend (without being a model)

Ok, so it's no secret I'm OBSESSED with jumpsuits. And they are having a major moment right now! I mean, have you opened any page of any fashion magazine lately? I know jumpsuits can be a little intimidating, but if you find the right one it just might become your favorite piece.

Why make this hot trend a closet staple? Other than the fact that it feels like you're wearing pajamas all day? Well this is why...

  • Jumpsuits can be super flattering (if you find the right one).

  • They exude confidence. Nothing says "I'm here" like a jumpsuit!

  • Simplicity!!! They're easy to wear like a dress, but with a little something special.

  • You can dress them up, or down. Heels or sandals - your choice!


It's all about body type, right?

So find one that works for your body type. Take me for example. I'm a short girl. Something that looks great on a runway model is probably not going to work for me. Case in point:

See how this jumpsuit swallows me up? Way too much fabric for my 5'3" frame!

But this one, see how the fitted waist and continuous pattern make me look taller?


1. Petite girls will look great in jumpsuits that have slimmer silhouettes and one continuous pattern.

2. Tall girls do well in wide leg jumpsuits and can handle more fabric.

3. If you're busty, try a V-neck jumpsuit that shows a little skin. Believe it or not, this will actually make the girls look smaller! Also, a wider leg and fitted waist will help even out your shape.

4. If your an apple shaped girl, an elastic waistband and more roomy top are your best friends.

5. Pear shaped girls can show off some collarbone in an off the shoulder jumpsuit. This will draw the eye up and create some balance.

I hope this helps to ease some of those jumpsuit fears and gets you shopping! One thing to remember is that we are all different. There is no one perfect body type. I know we've all heard it before, but beauty comes from within. And it really is true! So be comfortable with who you are and get out there and rock the jumpsuit trend. Or any other trend for that matter!


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