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Ice Cold Lemonade Anyone?

I'm super excited to share this DIY Lemonade Stand with you guys! As soon as I saw it on Pinterest, I knew I had to make it. Seriously, how cute is a lemonade stand made out of crates? And all the little cubbies you can use for display? This thing was beyond adorable.

Only problem was, Paul and the kids had already built a lemonade stand a few years back. Part of me felt really guilty. They had all worked so hard.

In the end, I convinced myself that they were outgrowing the old one and went to town on my new project. (Once I get an idea in my head there's really no stopping me!)

First, I knew that the one on Pinterest was too small. They only used four crates, which was cute, but I wanted bigger. Like an additional five crates bigger!!!

Once I figured out the layout, I spray painted the crates. From there, I recruited my dad (he's kinda my go to for all of my DIY projects!) to help me with all the "nuts and bolts" stuff.

After it was all secured, came the fun part! I went to Target (any excuse to go to Target, right?) and found a ton of cute little lemonade stand decorations. I even found little aprons for the kids to wear!

My plan is to order a really cute sign for the top, like this one on Etsy. But for now, this paper one does the trick.

I really love how great it all turned out. And the best part of this whole thing: it doubles as a hot chocolate stand in the winter!!! I hope this was fun to read and that I've inspired you to make your very own lemonade stand!


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