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How To Wear Flannel Like An Expert This Season

Wanna wear flannel this season, but afraid to look like a lumberjack? I got you covered!

We've all seen that post floating around Instagram talking about looking like a lumberjack wearing flannel. Well, it doesn't have to be that way, girls - I promise!

You can totally make flannel one of your go to's this Fall. I mean why wouldn't you want to? Flannel button ups are so comfy and cozy, and can be dressed up, down, or in between. Jeans...leggings...a skirt - anything goes! You don't have to feel like you look "frumpy" just because you're wearing a flannel. There are literally so many variations on how to wear this trend.

Listen ladies, with cooler temps ahead, it's the perfect time to have some fun with flannel. Don't be afraid to try some new looks. After all, fashion is supposed to be FUN!!!

Here are some of my favorite ways to rock flannel:

  • Mix and match. Can you really wear stripes with flannel? YES, YOU CAN! It's super cute and on trend.

  • Dress it up. Probably one of the easiest tricks and my most favorite! Hair, makeup, and jewelry can glam up anything!

  • Layer it with a vest. How fun is that? Not to mention, useful on a colder day. You can wear a fur vest with over the knee boots (like I did below), or try a leather vest, or a cape. The options are ENDLESS!

  • Tuck it in or tie it up in a knot. Easy peasy and instantly gives shape to your silhouette.

  • Use it to break up an all one color outfit. This one can be so fun! Try a black tank and black leggings under an unbuttoned flannel. Add a pair of little black booties and you have such an effortless, chic look.

  • Tie it around your waist. Take it back to the days of Nirvana and No Doubt and channel your inner Gwen Stefani. You're just a girl, right!!! Speaking of Gwen, she's been rocking this trend since before it was a trend. Thanks, girl!

  • Wear it buttoned up with leggings. This is a super easy one. You can add boots, booties, tennies, or heels. Whatever vibe your feeling at the time.

  • Pair it with a graphic tee for a cool girl vibe. Add some distressed jeans and you're all set!

See!!! And these are just ways to wear flannel shirts. Once you feel like you've conquered the button up, you can play with other pieces, too! You can try a plaid skirt, flannel scarf, or even rock some flannel pants, or a plaid blazer. Just remember there is no wrong or right! So have fun and and put your own personal twist on flannel.

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