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A New Generation of Makeup Artists

This post is based on a conversation I had with a friend and fellow makeup artist a few weeks ago. She had been on a makeup job recently where her client had wanted (and expected) her to do some pretty over the top makeup. And she wanted it done in the one hour time slot she was booked for! My friend is a great makeup artist, but some of these expectations are just too high!

The makeup industry is changing, guys. Expectations are much higher than they used to be! And I personally think it's because of social media. People are watching these videos on YouTube and Instagram and assuming that every makeup artist is that talented. I assure you, we makeup artists are not all created equal!!! I'm not knocking myself, or any other makeup artist, I'm just saying we can't all do what you're seeing on the Internet. I can do some pretty fabulous makeup, but I mean, seriously, have you seen snatchbyjake? He's AMAZING! I only wish I was half that talented.

And it's not just the makeup industry either. My manicurist had a client that just the other day asked her to paint Tupac on her nails! I know, right?

The point I'm trying to make is to take things you're seeing on the Internet lightly. Snatchedbyjake is not working at your nearby MAC counter, and your favorite sushi restaurant probably won't be carving a tree out of a cucumber every time you eat there!

So next time you go to your local salon or makeup counter, please don't expect them to paint Starry Night on your eyelid! Just know that they will make you look fabulous even though they might not be Van Gogh.


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