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3 Lookbook Ideas for Family Halloween Costumes

I know, I know, it's only August. But, come on, that doesn't mean we can't start thinking of Halloween now. It takes time to prep for these things, right?

Everything about Fall draws me in. The cool, crisp autumn air as the nights start to get dark earlier. The colors of the leaves changing as they fall from the trees. The smell of pumpkin spice EVERYTHING! I could go on and on. (And don't even get me started on Fall Fashion - that's a whole other post!)

But what excites me most about Fall is Halloween!!! I love an excuse to get dressed up in a costume and this is an entire holiday devoted to just that.

We didn't start out doing family costumes, but once we did, IT WAS ON! Honestly, it's so much fun to coordinate your costume with your favorite little circle of people.

2015 - ZOMBIE HIGH: Our first year of doing the family costume thing! It was a pretty quick decision, but one that turned out to be so cool. We all love anything and everything scary, so high school zombies were the perfect choice for our first Halloween collab. Our costumes were so easy to find, too. It was literally one trip to the Halloween store! Ryan was born just a few months earlier so she didn't participate in this one, but got to stay warm and cozy (dressed as a little lamb) in the house with Grandma and Grandpa.

2016 - THE SIMPSONS: Fast forward a year to The Simpsons! This one was Paul's choice (of course)! This was not my favorite idea in the beginning, but The Simpson family makeup happened to be just right for us: mom, dad, older brother, younger sister and baby sister. It honestly was a perfect fit. It just took a little time to grow on me. Looking back at it now, this may have actually been my favorite year! This one was not quite as easy to prep for as the previous year, though. I wasn't able to find a costume for Ryan at a Halloween store, or on a costume website, so this one required a little digging. And when anything requires digging, I always turn to Etsy.

2017 - HEROES AND VILLAINS: Ok, so maybe this was my favorite year! Ahhhh, I don't know - I loved them all!!! This year was ALL Lila. She was obsessed with Harley Quinn so doing DC Comics Heroes and Villains seemed like the natural thing to do. These costumes were all bought at local Halloween stores, except for Lila's, which again, I turned to Etsy for. I think my favorite part about this whole thing was how into it the kids got. It was almost like we were all playing a role. It was so much fun!!!

2018: Ha! You thought I'd tell? No way!!! I will say this though: it's Gage's turn to decide this year. Hopefully, being in charge will help keep him interested in participating for awhile. He is getting older and has mentioned wanting to dress in costume with his friends. I made a deal with him that he can wear matching costumes with his friends for their school celebration, but Halloween night is reserved for the fam! This will just have to suffice, for now. Or until he's thirty!!!

My hope in writing this, is that you will be inspired to get into the Halloween Spirit and have a little fun dressing up with your family. I would love to hear about your costume ideas and know if you were inspired to try a family costume this year!



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