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10 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me

I thought I'd have a little fun with you and open up about myself. Read on for a few things you might be surprised to find out about me.

1. I LOVE gangster rap! The good stuff from the 90's - not this stuff my kids keep trying to convince me is "cool". Seriously, what is mumble rap anyway?!

2. I got married when I was only twenty-two. We just celebrated our fourteen year anniversary this month! Did I just give away how old I am??? Just kidding, I'm not shy about my age!

3. I cook four to five nights a week, but I seriously LOVE going out to eat. I have this really weird thing about being brought a cold drink in a glass with ice that just makes me SO happy!

4. I got my first tattoo when I was only sixteen. So stupid and definitely not recommended!

5. We don't have any pets. Unless you consider the kids' fish pets. Does that even count? The kids and I would love a kitty, but my hubby has allergies and won't budge. Boo!

6. I work in the office for me and my hubby's company. Not super glamorous, but it's what pays the bills!

7. I love reading. I would choose a book over TV anytime!

8. I HATE public speaking! I think I would rather eat glass than speak in public.

9. My son is a huge Kansas City Chiefs fan. For his 10th birthday, we surprised him and flew to a Chiefs game. He was seriously over the moon!!!

10. My guilty pleasure: Feta Fries - They're so good!

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